Pregnancy Care Center of Aroostook
Pregnancy Care Center of Aroostook

Who are we...

The Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) of Aroostook is a member of a Care-Net, a network of more than 1100 Pregnancy Care Centers throughout the United States and Canada. Organized in 1985, the PCC of Aroostook is the oldest Pregnancy Center in the state of Maine. The PCC is a non-profit, non-denominational, life affirming ministry serving the pregnancy related concerns and educational needs of women and teens. The PCC offers emotional, spiritual, and material support to both our clients and their families. The PCC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and serves the entire Aroostook County Region.

Our Mission

The Pregnancy Care Center of Aroostook seeks to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our clients and their families by providing compassionate and loving services, while presenting the wisdom of God's Word concerning their sexual behavior and lifestyle choices.

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